Get the card sleeves the professionals use.

If you love card games, then you’re going to love these premium card sleeves.
KMC card barriers are the best in the business, favoured by professional trading card
tournament players across the world.

1. PROTECT YOUR CARDS              2. LOOK GREAT                3. MAKE PLAYING EASY

That means your cards are always safe and secure. Plus your sleeves will not get in your way when you’re playing the card games you love.

Card sleeves designed with you in mind

Beautiful Finish

Precisely engineered, your card barriers not only look great, they feel smooth and comfortable while shuffling.

Great to handle

The anti-slip, matt finish means your card protectors stay in your hand, do not reflect light and do not mark easily.

Used by the pros

The reputation of KMC card sleeves is there for a reason. In fact, KMC is the most used card sleeve brand among the world’s best trading card players.

Variety of Colour

With a wide range available you can choose the colours to match your cards or your personality.

Range of Categories
With a rich variety of category types; you can choose a sleeve that matches any card game.

Card sleeves built with quality in mind

Built to last

KMC card sleeves are highly durable, designed to maintain an excellent condition (how ever long you love to play for). Even the 0.05mm sleeves will not get torn apart.

Perfectly sized

With a consistent height and width you can be sure KMC sleeves will fit your cards perfectly. That means superior protection from scratches and wear and tear.

Multi-layered Protection

With a variety of card sizes available you can combine different sizes for the ultimate layered protection. Start with a snug card fit and then double or even.

Game or hobby shop owners – want to stock KMC?

Would you like to stock the world’s number one most used card protector? Or do you need sponsorship for your card event? If so we’d love to hear from you!
Not only are KMC card sleeves very easy to sell to the card playing community, but we also ensure your dealings with us are smooth and hassle-free. In fact, we nurture friendly, efficient and mutually beneficial relationships with shop owners across Australia and New Zeland

Players – want to find your nearest store?

It’s easy. Pick the card protectors you love the most on this website and then simply visit your local participating game and hobby store KMC Card Sleeve Retailers

KMC card barriers are stocked at a wide range of gaming and hobby stores around Australia and New Zeland. Find your local store and soon you’ll have you hands on these superior card sleeves.

About KMC Cards

Since 1995, KMC has been trusted to protect the game you value most, and they do not take that lightly.KMC pride themselves on being the first choice in card protection and 100% customer satisfaction is their goal.KMC Sleeves Australia imports the highest standards of quality sleeves and we at Ozanimart Pty Ltd are all about bringing the best products to players. First and foremost, we want you to have the most reliable playing experience every time you sleeve up your deck.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.We’d love to hear from you….

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