Perfect fit sleeves

For Standard:64x89mm

For Mini:60x87mm

Designed for those who want the closest fitting sleeves for their cards. These sleeves will have minimal space between the edge of the card and the sleeves. These are small enough to allow other sleeves to be used on top of it.

Perfect Size 100 sleeves Pack

Price: $0.00

Perfect Size Mini 100 sleeves Pack

Price: $0.00


Oversleeves for Standard:69x94mm
Oversleeves for Mini:65x91mm

For those who want to protect those favourite card sleeves. Oversleeves fit around the regular sleeves to give a thicker feel, and to keep the underlying sleeves clean and safe.

Oversleeves Silver “Character Guard” 60 Sleeves Pack

Price: $0.00

Oversleeves Gold “Character Guard” 60 Sleeves Pack

Price: $0.00

Oversleeves Mini “Character Guard” 60 Sleeves Pack

Price: $0.00

Strong Hard Sleeves 50 Sleeves Pack

Price: $0.00

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